Calendar Invite

Welcome to Buddhist Peace Action Vermont’s Calendar Invite page! The purpose of this page is to invite community members to participate in Engaged Buddhism through various activities. Engaged Buddhism reminds us that there is no way to peace, peace is the way. Join us in being peace and sharing peace in our communities.

Phish NYE 2019 – Call to Engagement

Introduction: Invitation to increase flower freshness in people. In Buddhist philosophy we are all flowers in the garden of humanity. This action is focused on increasing awareness that we are all beautiful like a flower. We do this by writing the message “You are beautiful like a flower, Help yourself to (Vermont) dried flowers as a reminder” and sign it with Buddhist Peace Action Vermont. We leave a basket of dried flowers and invite people to have a dried flower (or petal) to remind them of their beauty and connection to flower freshness.

Step 1. Be at any of the Phish NYE run at MSG, Dec 28, 29,30 &31st.

Items to bring:
• A small basket or non breakable ( no glass) container to hold dried flowers
• A piece of card stock paper cut in half vertically, with message above
• Dried flowers
• Cedar (if possible) – symbolizing community connection and healing

This is how I pack the items in for a show. Flowers and cedar in a baggie, tucked into the basket with note already written.

Step 2. Once you are in the venue find the bathroom nearest to your seats. A small basket is key as often there is little room on bathroom counters or on the sinks. Find a safe spot for your basket to be and set it up in the bathroom. Let another person know about the basket and invite participation.

Step 3. Very important, at the end of the show, make sure to retrieve your basket, any remaining flowers and note. These are sacred items and belong to you.

Invitation accepted.